Al Nuzha, Jordan

“The work generated allows me to support my brothers and sisters. I am proud that I can do this independently. ”

This is Madame Salma from Jordan. She is 53 years old, unmarried and no longer has a father and mother. She does have seven brothers and sisters, one of which has a disability. “I have been working at the Al Nuzha Woman Society workshop since 2005, where I make CosmoQueen shawls and the camel wool gift bags. There I learned exactly how to make the shawls based on the CosmoQueen designs. I am happy that I can use my traditional skills for this and that I can also work with the local women. ” CosmoQueen has donated materials and equipment to the Al Nuzha Woman Society, such as a copy machine, irons and sewing machines. In this way the workshop can exist and the women can complete CosmoQueen's assignments. Salma badly needs the help to pay for her family.

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