Al Nuzha, Jordan

“Since 2004 I have enjoyed working at the Al Nuzha Women Society workshop with which CosmoQueen works together. Here I make and embroider CosmoQueen shawls and the camel wool gift bags. ”

This is Madame Kholod from Jordan. She is fifty years old and lives with her mother. “CosmoQueen's assignments allow me to make beautiful and high-quality products. They also helped me with materials and equipment, such as a copy machine, irons, sewing machines and donations for the rent of our workshop. ” Because Kholod makes these shawls, she can support herself and her family, which she was previously unable to do. In recent years, Kholod has been given the opportunity to focus on its own designs in addition to product development for CosmoQueen. “Thanks to a market research conducted by a local sales woman on behalf of CosmoQueen, I now know exactly which local products can best be sold at which locations in Jordan.” In this way, dependence on CosmoQueen's assignments will be reduced in the future and the independence of the women will be increased.

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