"Met trots ontvang ik de CosmoQueen Award voor KidsRights. De doelstelling van CosmoQueen sluit naadloos aan bij die van ons. Een vrouw die kan voorzien in haar levensonderhoud biedt een stabiele basis aan haar gezin en is daarmee het rolmodel voor haar kinderen."
Caroline De Bruijn - CosmoQueen Award winnaar 2016/Ambassadeur Kidsrights

Welkom bij CosmoQueen

English Summary

About CosmoQueen
CosmoQueen Foundation commits itself to empower under-privileged women in non-western countries. From the start in 2005, we support several projects in Jordan and Cambodia, in collaborations with local foundations. Our objective is to help women gain economic and social independence by providing work:
- We pay them well for the production of our CosmoQueen fashion accessory brand, marketed in Europe. All profits made by the brand are reinvested in our projects,
- Through fundraising we help them start up their own business, aimed at the local market. We provide equipment, materials and training. Because, in the end, we want to make them independent of CosmoQueen.

Our fair trade CosmoQueen brand consists of luxury accessories: handmade shawls and plaids. These products are mainly sold at privte sales and events, and in addition at some selective points of sale. The collection is created by designer Astrid Ras, who also directs the production process of the collection.

Since 2012, we have started some new educational projects in Indonesia and Guinea, West-Africa, supporting initatives of local foundations.. 

CosmoQueen Foundation is established in 2005, by Katja ten Dam and Astrid Ras. The start off was in Jordan with support of queen Noor. A board of active volunteers directs the CosmoQueen organisation, backed up by a network of supporting volunteers and sponsors.

Members of the board:

Marie-Lou Witmer - Chair
Astrid Ras - Vice-chair
Inge Langhout - Secretary
Annelies Potter - Treasurer
Coby Breunesse - Events
Marianne de Jong - Sales & funding
Inge Gillissen - Communication & PR

For more information, please  contact us.

De collectie

Damesshawls, exclusief, handgemaakt van zijde en kamelenwol.

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Herenshawls, stoer, handgemaakt, stuk voor stuk uniek.

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Women Empowerment

CosmoQueen helpt kansarme vrouwen economisch zelfstandig te worden.



U kunt CosmoQueen helpen en kansarme vrouwen ondersteunen bij het opbouwen van een zelfstandig bestaan.


CosmoQueen is op zoek naar verschillende netwerken waar wij onze producten kunnen verkopen. Neem contact op voor meer informatie.